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SOHO Appliance Firewalls

SOHO (Single Office/Home Office) Firewall Appliances are dedicated hardware/software solutions designed for small company or home networks, typically less than 25 computers.  Many of the firewall appliances also act as routers, and offer other services such as VPN, content scanning, and virus scanning.  Many offer functionality required by remote offices to connect to the central office as well.


The vendor definitions of SOHO appliances can vary greatly, if you don't find what you need here, be sure to check the Enterprise Firewall Appliance page as well.

Fortinet Inc.

Secure Office Networking from Fortinet streamlines your network without sacrificing the security, performance or functionality you need to grow. Minimize workarounds and troubleshooting with Next-Generation Firewall and SD-WAN, switches and access points ...

Secure Office Networking
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

The Quantum Spark Next Generation Firewalls for small and medium size businesses, feature best-in-class threat protection, are easy to deploy and manage, and integrate communication and security into an “all in one” security gateway solution. Quantum Spa ...

Quantum Spark
Lucidata Data Communications Consultants

Hackerproof - The LuciGate Firewall is a piece of dedicated hardware (sometimes referred to as a Firewall Appliance) that sits between your network and the outside world. Without its smartcard key, it will not allow ANY data to pass through it. It is not ...

LuciGate Firewall
SonicWALL Inc.

Protect your small business or branch location from intrusion, malware and ransomware with an easy-to-use, integrated security solution designed specifically for your needs. SonicWall TZ firewalls deliver enterprise-grade protection without the cost or co ...

SonicWALL TZ Series
WatchGuard Technologies, Inc.

High performance, total security tabletop appliances. Built-in PoE+. Wi-Fi optional. Ideal for small, home, and branch office locations.

WatchGuard Firebox
Securepoint GmbH

NextGen UTM-Firewall. Simple. Fast. Secure. Reliable ransomware protection The UTM Firewall is automatically updated with the latest security patches by Securepoint’s Cyber Defence Cloud in real time. Comprehensive protection Using a firewall protects ...

NextGen UTM-Firewall

Stormshield Network Security physical firewalls The hardware firewall is a stable and efficient security solution to protect corporate networks from cyber attacks. Real-time protection (intrusion prevention and detection, application control, antivirus, ...

Stormshield Network Security Firewall
Gajshield Infotech

Data Security Firewall Hardware Appliance Our nu/dc Series Data Security hardware appliances are purpose-built with the latest multi-core Intel technology, generous RAM provisioning, and solid-state storage. Whether you’re protecting a small business or ...

Gajshield Data Security Firewall
Adtran, Inc.

Our feature-rich NetVanta Routers deliver the power and performance needed for high-quality VoIP and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

NetVanta Routers

RELIABLE SECURE VPNConnecting branch offices and remote locations securely and cost effectively FIREWALLINGNetwork perimeter protection securing IT resources and users WEB CONTENT FILTERINGRestrict access to inappropriate content and high risk sites SE ...

Clavister NetWall
Zyxel Communications Corp

Zyxel's ZyWALL Security solutions provide real-time protection that ensure service continuity, optimal CP performance and improved network control. Three product lines to address every size from SMB to Enterprise.

Zyxel Next-Gen Unified Security Gateway