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Security Training

Security Training

The quality of security training provided varies greatly, the best indicator of a quality course is a personal referral. Where this isn't possible, ask the organisation if they will allow you to speak to a previous student who comes from circumstances similar to your own, be aware that they probably won't suggest a dissatisfied customer, but the information provided may be a good starting point.


Ensure the class is about security training not system administration, often a training provider will identify the security niche and adapt another non security course to fill it, perhaps only in name.


Ask a training provider for a free course prior to attending if you intend purchasing a lot of courses from them.  If you are evaluating a course try and send someone who has already attended the same kind of course, this will provide you a benchmark against which to gauge the effectiveness of the new course.  Use the fact that the person attending will not gain a great deal of knowledge from their attendance, to convince the provider to reduce the cost


Check out the instructors, are they good at teaching and do they have good subject knowledge and more importantly experience. Is the instructor also the course author, how many times has the instructor taught this course?  Request that the provider have the course instructor call you.


Are the facilities adequate and is there suitable accommodation close by. Does the course fee include meals and refreshments.


Another concern is the quality of the training manuals, can you pick them up many months after the course and still understand them, or are they merely PowerPoint slides.

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