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Data Diodes

Data Diode security products offer one-way communications, allowing secure transfers from a "low security" network to a "high security" network without allowing a path for information to travel back. The most common form of a data diode (unidirectional network) is a simple modified fiber optic cable, with send and receive transceivers removed for one direction. Most commercial products add other software functionality.


The benefit of this type of network connection is it allows networks with sensitive information stored to have access to the Internet as well. There are some drawbacks to this design, unless the vendor builds in software to overcome the drawbacks. TCP/IP communications that require acknowledgements can't flow successfully over a purely hardware data diode, and there is no way for the "low" network to ensure a successful data transfer occurred. Also, this does not prevent viruses or other malicious programs from travelling to the "high" network through the connection.


These products tend to focus on the defense and infrastructure environments where security is critical.

Nexor Limited

The Nexor Data Diode is an EAL7+* evaluated solution to the information sharing problem by only allowing data transfers in one direction, guaranteeing that no data will leak back from the secure to the less secure network.

Nexor Data Diode
Vado Security Technologies Ltd

The VADO One Way SecureCross Domain appliance, is a fiber optic-based channel, allowing unidirectional flow of data from public networks to secure networks while data flow in the opposite direction is physically impossible. Since the security is based on ...

Vado One Way
Owl Cyber Defense

Owl offers a flexible line of data diode cybersecurity products. Customers can choose from the appropriate hardware platform, which includes a base software package, and then select optional add-on software modules to meet their solution needs.

Waterfall Security Solutions Ltd.

Waterfall’s™ Unidirectional Security Gateways and data diodes core is shared by all of its products and solutions. The Waterfall core, a unique non routable system, is coupled with software agents that mediate its integration into the surrounding envir ...

The Fox DataDiode helps you to prevent data leakage of classified information, using a one-way connection, while still having access to up-to-date unclassified data such as updates for Anti-Virus or Microsoft Windows. It also prevents unwanted access ...

Naval Research Laboratory

The Network Pump is a Cross Domain Solution (CDS) providing network domain separation through a failsafe and redundant security architecture. It performs high assurance validation, inspection, sanitization, and/or transliteration, as required, per data fl ...

One-way data transfer with optical isolation for uncompromising network security & protection Create boundaries between trusted & untrusted networks by creating a physically secure one-way communication channel. Send data from one secure network ...

Forcepoint Data Diode

4Secure offers a flexible line of data diode cyber security products. Customers can choose from the appropriate hardware platform, which includes a base software package, and then select optional add-on software modules (at an additional cost) to meet the ...

4Secure Data Diodes

Gigabit Data Diodes are fully hardware based ensuring unidirectional transmission without any possibility of data slowing in the reverse direction. They provide an absolute defence against a broad range of external, cross domain and insider cyber threats ...

Gigabit Data Diodes