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TSCM Bug Sweeping

TSCM Bug Sweeping
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures), is the detection and removal of ‘bugs’ or listening devices of all kinds.


Areas that are known to be  targeted can include an individual involved in a lawsuit, an organisation with protected business plans or strategies, a competitive sports organisation, or a staff member with access to restricted files.


With modern audio and visual devices, you could be vulnerable to eavesdropping in your office, home and car. Also on devices such as mobile phones, computers and landlines.


Companies offer services for the detection and sometimes destruction of these devices.

SystemWare Europe Ltd

Guardian is a portable RF search system that's small, lightweight and easy to use. State of the art hardware and software are merged to create a detection system easy enough for the most inexperienced security professional to use but powerful enough for t ...

SystemWare Europe Ltd

The SystemWare Advanced Receiver Module (SWARM) Travel Case (STC) provides signal acquisition and analysis needs in a compact and portable package. Quick and simple to operate it can scan the RF spectrum from 1 kHz to 3GHz or 6 GHz with the internal recei ...

Global TSCM Group, Inc.

The Stealth SM2020 is the most advanced portable speech protection system which protects you against listening and recording devices. The Stealth SM2020 creates sound barrier interference which masks your speech and any sound to be extremely difficult or ...

Global TSCM Group, Inc.

The only way to reliably detect wireless protocols is to use preselected chips (saw filters) which attenuate all other signals except the desired ones. This is the method implemented in the Protect Stealth 1207i which has 6 channels for different frequenc ...

Clever Intelligence Unity

RFD-01 Wide Range RF Signal Detector is a super heterodyne receiver with low IF and frequency synthesizer. Scanning and analyzing cycle period is 1.0-1.5 sec. It can operate within guard, sweep, search, difference search modes and monitoring of digital si ...

Wide Range RF Signal Detector GPS Detector