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Malware Protection

Malware Protection

Protecting your computers from Virus software is a basic part of computer security.  Not exciting, not glamorous, but incredibly necessary.  We have broken this category into the following areas:



Anti Virus Appliances

These are hardware/software combination "boxes" that are placed in your network to perform anti-virus scanning. Many perform other functions (anti-spam, content filtering, etc.) as well. They may be placed near the firewall or near the mail server, depending on the functionality offered by the product.


Desktop Anti Virus

For home and home office users, these products provide protection for personal computers. There are many products available at varying cost and support levels. Many are now bundled as Internet Security Suites, and include anti-spam, anti-spyware, content filters, and firewall features.


Enterprise Anti Virus

Products in this category provide desktop and server antivirus products that are managed from a central location in your network, typically an administrator's console. The console can manage antivirus software installation, software updates, virus definition file updates, and scan policies for all computers within your network.


Anti Virus Gateways

An Anti-virus gateway is a product that works with or in addition to your servers and firewall to scan inbound and outbound traffic for virus infections. There are a variety of products, which have been listed in the categories that follow.

Firewall Anti Virus

These products are add-on software to firewall installations, that perform the virus scans on all traffic flowing through the firewall, preventing the virus infections from reaching the internal network.

ISA Server Anti Virus

The Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server ( provides security for the network and integration with a variety of Microsoft networking solutions. Several products run on the ISA Server to provide anti-virus filtering for all traffic flowing through the server.

Server Anti Virus

These products install on a standard server, and work either as a proxy or with the mail package to check traffic for virus infections. Some do mail-only, while others can provide scanning for web traffic as well.


Mobile Devices

Products in this category provide antivirus for today's mobile devices.  As business moves to being performed on mobile devices, the protection for those devices becomes critical.  Some of the products listed in this category are standalone, install on the device products, while others are more sweeping Enterprise management of Mobile Devices, including the anti-malware piece.


Other Information about Anti Virus Protection


Hosted Services

Hosted services offer mail hosting and perform anti-virus and anti-spam functions prior to delivering mail.