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Forensic Solutions

Forensic Solutions
Computer Forensics

This page will provide a computer forensics overview, whilst it is under construction please refer to the various sub category pages listed below.


Interesting articles and other information

  • Wireless Forensics: Part One - Tapping the Air By Raul Siles
    This two-part series looks at the issues associated with collecting and analyzing network traffic from wireless networks in an accurate and comprehensive way; a discipline known as wireless forensics. Part one of this article focuses on the technical details and challenges for traffic acquisition, and provides design requirements and best practices for wireless forensics tools.
  • Wireless Forensics: Tapping the Air - Part Two
    Part two focuses on the technical challenges for wireless traffic analysis, advanced anti-forensic techniques that could thwart a forensic investigation, and some legal considerations for both the U.S. and Europe.
Decision Group Inc.

E-Detective is a real-time Internet interception, monitoring and forensics system that captures, decodes, and reconstructs various types of Internet traffic. It is commonly used for organization Internet behavioral monitoring, auditing, record keeping, fo ...