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DDoS Mitigation Systems

The main difference between NIPS and Mitigators would be Mitigators are designed to do one specific job - detect and mitigate against DOS/DDOS attacks and bilateral effects of worm activity and are largely rate based. NIPS are content based, designed to detect malicious traffic and drop the packet/stream. NIPS are not always necessarily good at mitigating DOS/DDOS attacks. Mitigators generally do not have the signature coverage to provide good NIPS functionality. NIPS are like IDS but in-line. Mitigators are like firewalls but designed to detect and prevent DOS attacks rather than enforce policy.

There is some overlap between Attack Mitigation System technologies and Network Intrusion Prevention Systems therefore I'd strongly suggest looking at the Network Intrusion Prevention System Page


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Corero Network Security

The SmartWall family of DDoS protection solutions mitigates a wide range of attacks all while maintaining the availability of applications and services it is protecting and without disrupting the delivery of legitimate traffic. It is designed to handle la ...

SmartWall DDoS Protection

Arbor Sightline Popular

Arbor Sightline provides robust capabilities from network-wide capacity planning, to identifying and managing the mitigation of threats to the network.  Network Peering Analysis Your network delivers value to customers and users when it connects to ...

Arbor Sightline
Radware Ltd.

DefensePro’s behavior-based, self-learning mechanism proactively scans for anomalous network, server and client traffic patterns. When detecting an attack, DefensePro characterizes the attack’s unique behavior, establishes a real-time signature and create ...

WANGUARD is a professional commercial software for IP traffic monitoring and accounting, traffic anomalies detection and DDoS mitigation. It contains a network traffic analyzer and collector that supports NetFlow, sFlow, IPFIX, IPv6 and Port Mirroring. It ...


Outsmart emerging threats in your digital business with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling provided by Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch). Know who is on the network and what they are doing using telemetry from your ne ...

Cisco Secure Network Analytics (formerly Stealthwatch)