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It's time to rethink your email security. Cisco's Secure Email rapidly detects, quarantines, investigates, and remediates cyber attacks that target your email. Watch Cisco's layered security approach in action.  Features: Protecting the #1 threat ...

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Cisco Secure Email (formerly Email Security)
Proofpoint, Inc.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy provides powerful data loss prevention, protection, encryption capabilities – the easiest and most cost-effective way for organizations to prevent leaks of sensitive data. Powerful policies help organizations protect email da ...

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McAfee Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) safeguards intellectual property and ensures compliance by protecting sensitive data wherever it lives — on premise, in the cloud, or at the endpoints. McAfee DLP is delivered through low-maintenance ...

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Total Protection for Data Loss Prevention

Centralized Configuration Management, Tracking, and Reporting for WebThe Secure Email and Web Manager simplifies administration by publishing configurations from a single management console to multiple Cisco web security appliances. You can manage updates ...

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Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager

Zscaler Data Loss Prevention protects your confidential information and intellectual property by inspecting all of your outbound Internet traffic, including SSL-encrypted traffic, and helps you meet industry, statutory and regulatory compliance standards ...

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Zscaler Data Loss Prevention

Safeguard your sensitive company data. Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to detect and block potential data leaks quickly and accurately, all while achieving industry and regulatory compliance. With Blue Coat DLP, you can leverage powerful ...

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Symantec DLP

Get complete data security - Empower the enterprise to discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data, centralize management and reporting, and synchronize on-premises and cloud policies. Secure data wherever it resides - Protect business-critical informa ...

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Trellix Data Protection