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Tap Detection

Network Tap Detection / Prevention Systems


It can be shown that an intruder can easily tap a fiber without being detected. Readily available network Taps enable the non-invasive tapping and monitoring of copper and fiber optic data streams. There are various ways to detect such intrusions, namely transmission power threshold detectors though these are prone to false positives especially as the transmission media degrades over time.  Time domain reflectometers both copper and optical will identify anomalies over distance but need an original graph to identify problems, especially as a properly tapped fibre leaves minimal evidence.  They also do not identify intrusions in real time.  Tap detection systems identify Taps and allow for degradation over time, furthermore the prevention systems will switch off the circuit preventing disclosure of information some will also switch the circuit to a good fiber.

Opterna’s Fiber Sentinel System uses WaveSense TechnologyTM to monitor such optical anomalies and provides continuous, real-time, protocol independent physical layer monitoring of a fiber optic communication system. It detects any signal variations (inclu ...

Opterna FiberSentinel System