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Bluetooth Scanners

Bluetooth is becoming ever more prevalent in a wide variety of devices.  Some of these devices are left vulnerable, this page provides detail on scanning products and allow the user to scan for insecure devices in order to secure them.  


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The gun, which is called the BlueSniper rifle, can scan and attack Bluetooth devices from more than a mile away.


btscanner is a tool designed specifically to extract as much information as possible from a Bluetooth device without the requirement to pair. A detailed information screen extracts HCI and SDP information, and maintains an open connection to monitor the R ...

code bt_audit

small bluetooth audit suit containing psm_scan, rfcomm_scan and a script for generating database entries for btdsd

BlueSpam searches for all discoverable bluetooth devices and sends a file to them (spams them) if they support OBEX. By default a small text will be send. To customize the message that should be send you need a palm with an SD/MMC card, then you create th ...

Collin Mulliner and Martin Herfurt

Blueprinting is a method to remotely find out details about bluetooth-enabled devices. Blueprinting can be used for generating statistics about manufacturers and models and to find out whether there are devices in range that have issues with Bluetooth sec ...

Blooover II is the successor of the very popular application Blooover. After 150000 downloads of Blooover, a new version of this mobile phone auditing toool is on its ready. Besides the BlueBug attack, Blooover II supports the HeloMoto attack (which is qu ...

Blooover II
Martin Herfurt

The carwhisperer project intends to sensibilise manufacturers of carkits and other Bluetooth appliances without display and keyboard for the possible security threat evolving from the use of standard passkeys.

Bluesnarfer will download the phonebook of any mobile device vulnerable to bluesnarfing.


L2ping sends a L2CAP echo request to the Bluetooth MAC address bd_addr given in dotted hex notation.