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Content Filters

These monitor URLs, applying rules based on approved content for viewing.  Typically they check with a database of categorized URLs to determine whether to allow the access or not.


Centralized Configuration Management, Tracking, and Reporting for WebThe Secure Email and Web Manager simplifies administration by publishing configurations from a single management console to multiple Cisco web security appliances. You can manage updates ...

Cisco Secure Email and Web Manager

Securing Guest Wifi networks presents unique challenges - unknown/unauthenticated users, varied devices and operating systems, the need for a smooth user experience - all coupled with minimal resources and in-house manpower to manage the solution.

Zscaler Guest Wifi Protection

Web classification continues to present a unique security challenge to anyone trying to offer secure web access to enterprises. In addition to keeping track of hundreds of millions of websites (with millions more added every year), security vendors must p ...