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About The Cyber Radar Console

Yes it is retro looking, yet despite it’s age, the content is right up to date!  Whenever we modernise it’s look, we are inundated with complaints from people preferring it just the way it is.

The Cyber Radar Console was designed and built to meet for the demands of Government and Military networks back in the early 2000s. They were requiring near real time information on new and emerging cyber threats and we came up with the Radar concept. The dark colours are easy on the eye during long night shifts.

Today, it's public availability and lack of corporate identity has resulted in almost every industry, including home users, taking advantage of it either on an occasional basis or full time on huge screens. The page auto updates every 20 minutes drawing information from multiple sources.

Radar Console Research

Much of the Cyber Radar Console is researched and manually created by subject matter experts.  Our Researchers in the US and Europe manually research all vulnerabilities published on the radar, allowing us to give you accurate, granular information in real time.

The Radar Console is dark and muted to make it gentle on the eye during long nights shifts, many organisations use it 24 hours per day.

Make The Radar Console Your Own, With A Branded Version

You can have your own version of our Radar Console replacing our CND logo with your logo and branding.  We currently offer 2 price models, the first would be for your own internal use which is proving popular in large SOC's and for cyber security visitor centers.

The second is for unlimited external use for your clients and visitors, this is proving popular with IT and Cyber Security providers as they grow their businesses, outsourcing the vulnerability research and hosting to us.

The Radar is Available as an Apple App for iPhone etc 
It's Free

A much simplified version of the Radar Console, the CND Radar App provides notifications of new vulnerabilities and significant cyber security issues identified by our analysts.   Android version will eventually be rewritten

iPhone Watch

iPhone X

Where The Radar Has Been Spotted

George Bush Visiting The NSA

NSA Cyber Operations Room