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Andy Cuff (CND Ltd Founder & CEO) was looking for the ideal IDS solution for the Royal Air Force, rather than choose one of the "Elite 4 products" he considered every available product, suspecting that the "not so Elite #5 product" could be the ideal IDS to use.  This list of available products was uploaded to the web and some of the seasoned IDS experts were invited to see whether any were missing, the response was good and before long a few had linked to it. When complimentary emails arrived, it was updated and the format changed to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing.


This is where the Security Wizardry website began life, as a single page detailing all the commercial IDS products. There were already a few IDS lists out there, but many products listed would be out of date or obsolete, there were also a few good products which they did not include. We have tried writing our own information and views on the products but found it counter productive.  It is easier to use their material, after removing the marketing hype, in order to keep them sweet and the site up to date.


How far have we come?

Today, the Security Wizardry website and its product directory is a huge success. Seeing up to 18,000 hits per hour, we have people from all over the world logging in to read about new and interesting products that are available. Not just in IDS but Anti Spam, Anti Virus, Content Protection. Forensics, SIM's, Virtual Security, Training. Bug Sweeping and many more.


Michele Jordan and a team of security specialists in the USA and the UK work endlessly to maintain and vet all of the information on the product listings (as well as update the Radar Page), by constantly researching what is new and exciting and reviewing all of your comments.