Retained Recruitment


Computer Network Defence’s retained recruitment services are a step ahead of any standard or contingency work that you will find.


We have seen clients who are struggling to fill a role or who are too busy to focus on an urgent requirement, open up their PSL to new agencies in the hope that it will result in a suitable candidate being submitted. What it often actually results in is chaos, duplicate candidates, endless questions, miss-informed candidates, wasted time during interviews due to a low standard of CV, no thorough update on progress and sadly no guarantee the role will be filled.


With the CND Retained Recruitment Services, this is what you can expect:


Pre Agreed SLA’s

Prior to agreeing a retained search, we discuss and agree on specific service level agreements, including reporting, target dates and numbers for CV submissions, target dates for interviews, interview feedback guidelines and deadlines for offers and start dates.


A dedicated consultant

As part of our retained recruitment services we offer one dedicated consultant to focus on nothing other than your requirement. They will devote 100% their time into locating the appropriate candidate.


Communication and detailed reporting

Having a dedicated consultant means that you have one point of contact to update or communicate with. You will also receive regular daily updates on the progress of the talent acquisition and a detailed report on where the candidates have been located and through which medium, which have been shortlisted or rejected and the interview feedback on each candidates every week. That way you are always informed on the progress and ready to report back to the business on the role.


We guarantee a placement

CND will guarantee that we will fulfil all expectations and service level agreements in order to fill this position. You will be left in no doubt as to the extent and depth that our searches cover and we will not stop until the role has been filled.


How do you get the retained recruitment service?

In order to receive the retained recruitment service we request that a % of the total agreed fee is paid up front in order to ‘retain’ a member of the recruitment team solely for your use. This fee is not set in stone, as the level and seniority of the position is also unknown. However we would be more than happy to discuss it and produce a proposal for you to consider free of charge.

At the end of the process you will not pay any more than you would have done had you given us the role on a contingency basis.


Why is it worth it for us? We ask you to ensure that no other agency is working on this position, guaranteeing us the business.