Permanent Recruitment


CND’s recruitment services are of a very high quality but remain very competitively priced.  We work hard to co-operate with our customers on a case by case basis in order to create and maintain a viable working relationship for everyone. Including a simple and thorough recruitment process;


Agreeing Terms

As soon as the terms & conditions and SLA’s have been discussed and agreed, you will be assigned a single point of contact within CND’s recruitment team to work through your preferred recruitment processes or medium, be it direct with hiring managers, or through an online portal or recruitment co-ordinator. As with our candidates we also like to meet all of our clients face to face, meaning that your recruiter will travel to meet with you to understand your business and to discuss the initial job vacancies you have in detail.


Qualifying new vacancies

When qualifying a new vacancy we aim to ensure that we not only fully understand the technical and skill based requirements of the position but we also understand the environment and the team that the vacancy is based within. Considering these smaller details when matching candidates with clients, along with CND’s ethical and honest approach through the recruitment process, has resulted in an unblemished 100% record of candidate retention in their new roles since CND was created.


Locating candidates / Talent Acquisition

90% of Computer Network Defence’s candidates are found from referral and networking. However we also ensure that your requirement is immediately, but discretely advertised across all of the standard job boards, magazines and networking forums in order to ensure that no stone is left unturned.  For particularly difficult skills we will look into holding events, seminars or run specific campaigns in order to find the best people.


Qualifying candidates

When a suitable permanent candidate has been located, they undergo a series of interviews and where possible reference checks (only with the candidates permission). First the recruitment team will hold a HR based interview, reviewing and assessing career histories and reasons for moving roles, and assessing the suitability for your company and position. They will also conduct a preliminary technical discussion to cover of at least the base knowledge of the skills required. Then one of CND’s core consultants will hold a technical interview in order to ensure that the candidate is capable up to the level required, where necessary they occasionally recommend that we hold a brief technical assessment prior to submitting the candidate.


Candidate introduction

With CND you are very unlikely to get an email with 10 CV’s. You are more likely to get an email with 2 or 3, but all of them will be ‘class a’ and they can do the job.


By this point our candidates are fully aware of the company, the position, the pay and they will have shown a definite interest in going forward for the position. We know that the candidate is a good fit for the role and is technically capable to perform the necessary job functions from our interviews. Upon submitting the details we offer a CV, the interview notes from both stages, any technical assessment documentation and a detailed profile including other roles that the candidate is interviewing for, their key drivers, things that have impressed us, all positives and negatives that we feel may play a part, including all monetary ambitions.


Maintaining Control

One of the most common frustrations in the recruitment process is things falling apart due to breaks in the process or poor communication. We ensure that we stay in regular contact with both parties so that even if there are no updates, you will know about it. This makes the following interview and offer processes a lot easier for everyone.


Offers and negotiation

The offer and negotiation processes with CND are incredibly simple and easy. There is a very good reason for that, everyone has been honest from the start, and all expectations have been clearly communicated and qualified. It’s not rocket science.


Post offer care

When an offer is made and contracts are signed, we don’t forget the position or the candidate exists. We help to guide people through what can be a difficult process, walking our candidates through resignations, counter offers and first day jitters if they could use the support. Both our clients and candidates receive regular calls within the first few months to ensure that everything is going smoothly.