Manpower Solutions


Whilst we will provide Manpower Substitution to supplement your workforce, our expertise in the Information Security area lends itself to us providing an entire manpower solution, where we manage the Information Security workforce day to day within an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)


For instance if you require a Security Operations Centre (SOC) we will work with you to establish the manpower requirement and then fill it.  We are then responsible for ensuring the staff are trained and for covering absences through illness or vacations etc.  Many of our staff have specialist skills and we can rotate them according to the needs of a customer.  For instance, you may require specific IPS Tuning skills or assistance with an Arcsight collector, we can bring in these skills from our other sites as and when required.  Some of our more secure customers have requirements where SOC Analysts must be rotated periodically, to prevent complacency.  We can manage this within the workforce and then rotate them back without overly extending the gene pool of staff who have intimate knowledge of your security systems


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