Contract Recruitment


At CND we consider our contract recruitment services to be our day to day business, in the sense that we are actively hiring people for ourselves on a project by project basis as well as offering it as a recruitment service.


Quick Turnaround

With a database of over 4,000 contract candidates within the information security field, we are very well placed to network to large volumes of professionals for the skills you require.


A large percentage of our registered candidates are DV or SC security cleared and are known to us through previous projects, have been given to us as referrals through trusted sources, or have approached us directly and have undergone thorough referencing.


Our team of seasoned recruiters are responsible for increasing and updating the database of consultants, talking to and understanding the capability and needs of each one. These recruiters who are very technically capable themselves immediately hold the initial searches and interviews when we receive your requirements, then our team of technical consultants are available to hold technical tests as a second stage within 48 hours.


High Availability of Skills:

Working so closely with our candidate’s means that we always know and can offer you, information on the availability of any skill set that you require, along with a rough timescale of the search and selection of the best candidate for you.


Occasionally you may foresee a demand on an upcoming project for a skill set that is hard to find, in this instance we will start campaigns and strategic networking ahead of time at no extra cost, in order to ensure that you have manpower required to get the job done.


Quality Contractors:

We maintain a team of external independent contract consultants to support our consultancy based engagements. We know that consultants who are truly at the peak of their game and are the industry’s leading subject specialists are not worried about struggling to find their next contract. These people enter the contract arena as a lucrative work solution and therefore rarely entertain the thought of a permanent position and package. Although it’s costly, that is the only level of staff we feel is suitable for many projects.


The recruitment service that we offer to our clients is based on exactly the same principles that we would expect for ourselves. Trusted, at the top of their game and won’t let you or your client down.


Excellent Contractor Care:

We feel that it is our responsibility to make sure the contractors are happy and that they are working hard. This results in a long and successful relationship between all parties concerned.


Our contractors hear from us on a weekly basis, and know that we are the first point of call for timesheet queries, along with any time off that is required for sickness or holiday. In situations like this we offer a service that ensures these consultants are back filled and your deadlines are not in jeopardy.